Narayanamurthy’s Exit

N.R Narayanamurthy’s exit as the chairman of infosys was expected for months. What happens to infosys now? NRN says that it is safe hands. I was watching the rerun of his interview on CNBC TV and I was pretty much convinced that Infosys was really in safe hands.

Nandan Nilekani & Mohandas Pai will steer the company into the right waters, he assured. I am absolutely astounded by the unselfishness of the top people at Infosys. The 47 yr old CFO gives way to the next generation & the Management’s faith in the young is amazing. It’s really nice to know that people like these are looking at the bigger picture and do not mind some Pro handling the company they started.

NRN has very much humbled me, Here is a man who runs a top company and aims to contribute to the country’s economy and also caring for his employees & the Investors.

Every Employee must be proud of being an Infoscion for sure. No wonder the whole country looks up this man. NRN has done so much for the country, and the thing that I learned from his actions is that to stick to the fundamentals of learning & never to be selfish.


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