The World Cup Debacle!

There might be a lot of blogs and lots of people venting their anger & dissapointment towards the Indian cricket team. I am here to say something about the same. But I am neither frustrated nor disappointed either.

I just can’t stop laughing. If you go back to all the so-called expert columns before the world cup you can see all the experts saying that India has the biggest chance to pip Australia. Arjuna Ranatunga said that this was the best team that the country has ever had. Everyone was just expecting too much.

After the fall the BCCI and Cricket team is blaming the Media for hyping things. Media is lambasting the cricketer’s attitudes, people are turning red when they see any advertisement of Dhoni, Sachin or Dravid. Everyone in the country has an opinion of who should be dropped, who should be the next captain and so on.

I seriously think over-analysing things will not give a solution. I am quite sad to hear that people want sachin to be dropped. I stopped watching cricket when ganguly was booted out and all the politics was taking centre-stage. Sachin is the only person in the game who makes me atleast catch some news about cricket. If he is dropped then I can’t imagine what would happen next. That guy has played for the country for so many years and even at the times of personal tragedy has turned upto play for the country. I remember watching every match of his. I loved when he came to bowl or took a good catch more than he hitting centuries.

The thing that is most frustrating to me is that people & media just don’t respect him much so as to let him take his own decisions. What the hell are those guy’s problem & what right do they have asking sachin to quit. That man has a lot of experience and he knows what to do next.

Sometimes I too think that media is just exploiting people and celebrities lives to make money.


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