On twitter & google buzz – Social networking Part 2

It’s been a while since I posted. pretty busy on Twitter 🙂

Google has come up with buzz with everything that is missing in twitter. I checked it out. Not bad, but little complicated. Pretty Useful, if you are using gmail. Anyways that service has a long way to go.

Twitter is so very simple & that’s why i am hooked on. I don’t mind limiting myself to 140 characters. Sometimes yes I cannot say everything what I wantin 140 characters , but only sometimes not always.

I enjoyed tweeting about Australian Open & the India-SA test series.. getting to know the latest scores.. enjoying banter..

Twitter is something like a beginner’s course in social networking. It’s simple, easy to update. The twitverse(universe) is also pretty vast. Atleast bigger than gmail community. I love gmail, I am posting at orkut too -somewhat rarely, but tweeting is fun.. I haven’t yet tried facebook light, and no inclination to try facebook either.. i am sure it’s good. I hear many a people talk about farmville 🙂

I’ll stick to Twitter for a while , now I am content with it& thanks to it Ihave a semblance of a social presence on the net..


2 thoughts on “On twitter & google buzz – Social networking Part 2

  1. i'm on facebook but i don't play farmville…n i guess i'm a rare facebook breed that way!n just too lazy 2 join 1 more site (read twitter)…orkut n facebook are more than a handful!

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