Where are the books?

Is there a dearth of good books on fiction lately? For the past year I have been reading Agatha Christie & P.G Wodehouse. Can’t find any new books that are good let alone a sensational one. The most probable answer is that I am cut of from the world that reads & recommends books that I like.Trust me I have tried to find those who form that world. I tried reading booker prize winners, and found it really hard to turn the page. I have tried bestsellers on business too, and have predictably read only the first two chapters. Fiction is what I like, and science-fiction, mysteries, fantasy & detective novels are my daily dose of the elixir of life(Philosopher’s Stone :-)).

Some of the authors I have read & liked, are not publishing very frequently. I tend to finish a book in 2 or 3 days. And even a bulky one I would finish in a week. To which author/authors do I turn to if I want to read a new book every 2 weeks??

Until I find those authors who keep publishing at the least twice an year, I am going to stick to Agatha Christie & P.G Wodehouse. I can’t imagine the day when I finish all the Christie’s & Wodehouse’s books and still no new books/authors to look forward to.


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