Developing with REST APIs

REST APIs are something I am very excited about ! Right when I started to use the ‘Play Framework’ for developing web applications, I noticed the ease with which I was able to map the URL directly to my java methods. At that time I didn’t realize how Play! was mimicking the REST API or any web service for that matter.

I wanted to learn and use web services, for quite some time. I had read quite a few articles, that recommend developing UI which are based on Web Services. The whole objective of my scouring through the web, was to improve the way I did, UI Development. What I found was, Web Services give a lot of flexibility, and simplifies developing UI.

The advantage I see of using web services, is that I know what data I am getting and I am immediately thinking about how to show this information using the UI. There is a clear separation of concerns, when it comes to the User Interface and the Business Logic, and the UI developer just has to think of the data. I just love the JSON Data format, and using it with UI is just a breeze. And isn’t it great that REST Web Services deliver JSON.

The other advantage is that UI is just a part of your application, your services can be consumed by others and they don’t have to depend on your User Interface if it is not what they want. The Application is flexible in that way.

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Back to Blogging !

I know I have been missing for more than 2 years ! Well I am going to start bloggin’ again. And I have much to write about.

What have I missed updating the past 2 years ? quite many I suppose. I can’t remember why I stopped blogging. Probably I was just too busy and thought this was not worth the time I spent.

The past two years, I have bought my own place, alienated quite a few of my friends, been lost, changed my job, read more books, watched lots of movies, drank a lot, and doing things that I usually do.

I was so much into java those days, but I have moved onto learning GWT, Node.js, Scala, Mongo DB, Bootstrap and now Play! Learning new stuff has been exciting and fruitious in many ways. I look forward to blog about all the things I have learnt and add something valuable for someone.