Back to Blogging !

I know I have been missing for more than 2 years ! Well I am going to start bloggin’ again. And I have much to write about.

What have I missed updating the past 2 years ? quite many I suppose. I can’t remember why I stopped blogging. Probably I was just too busy and thought this was not worth the time I spent.

The past two years, I have bought my own place, alienated quite a few of my friends, been lost, changed my job, read more books, watched lots of movies, drank a lot, and doing things that I usually do.

I was so much into java those days, but I have moved onto learning GWT, Node.js, Scala, Mongo DB, Bootstrap and now Play! Learning new stuff has been exciting and fruitious in many ways. I look forward to blog about all the things I have learnt and add something valuable for someone.


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