Angular JS & other Web Frameworks (Updated)

I had been doing what I always do, searching for something new and exciting on the web frameworks front. I have found and read about lots of javascript frameworks. Below are few I have digged into.

  1. Knockout JS
  2. React
  3. Ember JS
  4. Meteor
  5. Derby
  6. Backbone
  7. AngularJS
  8. ExpressJS
  9. Knockback JS
  10. MooTools
  11. and other N# of Javascript frameworks like JqueryUI, Flight, Batman JS and yata yata yata.

I am so tired of even copying the names from my bookmarks, let alone keep track of them in my mind. There are newer frameworks that are coming up almost every week. It is pretty much like the chaos that was with linux distros, or even worse until I got settled into Linux Mint.

Backbone seems to be the most used, especially in the MVC types. And the guys are just hashing up newer ones by mixing existing ones, like Knockback which is a hash of knockout and backbone. For me, each and everyone are very good in their own right, but obviously there seems to be a gap when it comes to usability and implementation so the newer one keeps cropping up.

I don’t think it is possible that one can learn so many of JS Frameworks. But for me when I saw that AngularJS is ‘by Google’ I couldn’t resist looking more into it. It seems it is developed by guys working at Google and maintained by the company. I looked into Bootstrap only because it was by Twitter, and I loved it even though there are better CSS Frameworks out there. So there are more chances, I would love AngularJS as well.

I do love Angular JS, just like I loved Bootstrap, but honestly I haven’t used it much, apart from the tutorial on the site. But it is on my ‘next to master’ list. I love the idea of using html as templates and plugging on web application features onto HTML. The bindings are great, and I have not yet looked too much into the XHR part, but I have read much about it. The single page web application is one I couldn’t wrap my head around, but I think I’ll get used it cos having used GWT for 2 years, it is no different.

The best thing is that, it seems to get you into investing your time into an architecture. It is a great match for REST, which was my obsession the previous month. For me, it has got me into thinking of using the Play Framework with Angular JS on a project with REST capabilities. Maybe I will throw in Akka framework as well, just for the sake of using it. But I really don’t have a timeframe in mind for doing that, lets see when I get to do it.

I really wanted to learn Backbone and JQuery, but later I found that Backbone had its problems and JQuery is more for manipulating the DOM, and I do really want to do more with the JS Framework. Most blogs, and articles recommend to use pure Angular JS instead of mixing it with Knockout ot JQuery. I think i’ll take that advice, and stick to Angular JS and Bootstrap. They say it takes 10,000 hours of effort to master something, and I guess my time starts now, but I really hope another great JS Framework doesn’t impede me once I get started.

Update :

To Make matters worse, Facebook has come up with a new library for developing User Interfaces. I am assuming that it is named after the Reactor Design Pattern. Though I haven’t got a really good look at React, my initial assessment is that it is similar to Twitter’s Flight web framework. I don’t see the need for another framework but I am sure Facebook Developers feel that there is something missing in the ones that are existing today.

Looks like I am going to have to keep updating this post every month or so.

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