Angular JS – First Steps

I am making an effort to learn Angular, and tried the tutorial on the Angular JS site. The Phone Cat tutorial was very good, but I couldn’t complete it, for reasons I don’t recall.

But after reading, Sebastian’s Blog, I thought I should try learning about it again. Thus it lead me to the Instant AngularJS Book on Packt Pub, which is my favorite for open source technologies.

Instant Angular JS

It is a fairly compact book, that gives you a basic idea and an overview of all the features and usage of Angular JS. The price of the book was great as well. However, I would have liked the book to feature XHR and $http in Angular JS. I feel that is something important that was missing in the book.

It was a quick read, and at the end I have to agree with Sebastian that it is fairly easy to get the basics, but once you encounter the advanced features, it is complex and peculiar.

I am wondering whether to go ahead and learn the complexities of Angular JS, or try something else like Ember JS. But my main intention for learning a Javascript Framework was to be more productive, that AngularJS is without a doubt.


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