End of 2013

Well I am back, I am not surprised that my last post was in June. I feel good that I am starting this year with a blog post. Hopefully I will continue without pauses this year.

The last half year has definitely been a blur, so much has happened that I cannot put it in a single post. In short, traveled to Arizona in US, for a little bit of work. The good thing about it was that I got to work in Web services. I have already written a bit about it, and now I can write more,  backing what I write with a touch more of ‘real world experience’.

The tinkering with the latest UI frameworks and scouring the web for information on the trends of technology has been put on the back burner for now. I am not sure when I will start updating about that again.

I don’t how this year would be, but I am sure hoping that the following comes true.

“May we all live in interesting times !”


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