FIFA World Cup 2010, South Africa

Am I excited for this event or what ! ‘The Greatest Sporting Event in the World’ :-)..  I remember fondly the days when I used to get up at odd hours to watch football matches at the World Cup. So many countries come together to play football at the world stage. Euro is a great event too, but you don’t get to see the underdog teams from Africa, Asia & you definitely miss the 2 big teams of South America. I can’t think of any World Cup without Brazil & Argentina. Best thing about the world cup is we get to see small countries qualifying for it and creating an upset that shocks the world. Those moments are simply amazing.

I’ll never forget Cameroon’s amazing run in 1990 or Senegal kicking out France in 2002. Italy getting upset by Korea, South Korea making the semifinal at their home world cup. I don’t like it only for the upsets but also for the tactical insight of the football game, where we can compare European Style to South American style. In this world cup we get to see the flair of the African teams, Ivory Coast & home country South Africa coached by Brazilian Carlos Parreira. Sadly I don’t recollect much of the 1998 World Cup other than the final & the performance of Zinedine Zidane.

Germany at 2006 was one of the best hosts and we got to see some outstanding football from the young Argentinian team. But sadly that team has lost their way and it’s Lionel Messi who holds all the aces for a face saving campaign this World Cup. Italy, Germany & France are shadows of what they were in the previous edition and it’ll be nothing but a miracle if they make it to the semi-finals. England, the perennial underperformers have a top notch team, but they can definitely blame the English Premier League if they don’t go to the Semi-finals. Already Rio Ferdinand & Gareth Barry are injured, though Barry will play in the knockout rounds atleast. Rooney will be the person who will take England to the finals, he is their mighty talisman who can make it or break it.

Portugal is a team which have done extremely well last year, but it looks very unlikely that they can better or equal the performance this year. Mexico, United States & Uruguay have done good in the qualifying matches, but will they perform at the big stage is the question. Netherlands is another big team which has never won it, but who can forget the Total Football concept they have introduced to the world. Australia, Japan, Chile, Nigeria, Switzerland and others will like to show their might and make people notice, they definitely have nothing to lose.

It’ll be a great world cup, and South Africa will be a great host, I have no doubts. This might not eclipse the world cups held in U.S, France, Germany or even England. But I can assure you this one will be remembered for the coming of the African party onto the world scene.


CERN – Lage Hadron Collider

What an exciting day for mankind!

14 years of toil has gone onto making the machine, and many amazing minds have come together to find the secrets of universe. I wish them loads of luck and hope they come up with significant discoveries.

Some lunatics are going crazy and telling that this could destroy the world. I believe these scientists know what they are doing, and these Doomsday Hysterics are not realistic & not gonna happen. The CERN Spokesperson came with the explanation, that even if something really bad were to happen, it’ld be only a big hole below Geneva :-).

What I really like about this great spectacle is that , this project has brought together so many scientists all over the world together for a single purpose and forget not they are coming from very different parts of the world. This could augur well for the future of this generation. Media attention is stoking the curiosties of common man, and this research will make the sciences more attractive and may spur more young minds to actively participate in research and make them dream about big things that could change the way we live in a very positive way.

I pray to god that all the efforts, money & hope of all the people involved in this great coming-together festival, acheive what they wanted and their efforts don’t go in vain. Why pray to god? Because these guys are trying to find the God’s Particle.. 🙂 [ Higg’s Boson ]

here is a great animation by Chris Mann, I don’t know if he is CERN or just an enthusiast. So it’s copyright Chris Mann people. 🙂 Great animation Dude.

This video is a property of Chris Mann, that’s something I assume since it appears he made the video. I hope I am not breaking any law by putting this video on my blog, Chris don’t sue me :-). I have only good intentions, [ You never know when you may get sued ]. If any of you have any objections to this.. please let me know the reasons and I’ll remove the video. I tried reading the license for this video but it wasn’t there.

Narayanamurthy’s Exit

N.R Narayanamurthy’s exit as the chairman of infosys was expected for months. What happens to infosys now? NRN says that it is safe hands. I was watching the rerun of his interview on CNBC TV and I was pretty much convinced that Infosys was really in safe hands.

Nandan Nilekani & Mohandas Pai will steer the company into the right waters, he assured. I am absolutely astounded by the unselfishness of the top people at Infosys. The 47 yr old CFO gives way to the next generation & the Management’s faith in the young is amazing. It’s really nice to know that people like these are looking at the bigger picture and do not mind some Pro handling the company they started.

NRN has very much humbled me, Here is a man who runs a top company and aims to contribute to the country’s economy and also caring for his employees & the Investors.

Every Employee must be proud of being an Infoscion for sure. No wonder the whole country looks up this man. NRN has done so much for the country, and the thing that I learned from his actions is that to stick to the fundamentals of learning & never to be selfish.