End of 2013

Well I am back, I am not surprised that my last post was in June. I feel good that I am starting this year with a blog post. Hopefully I will continue without pauses this year.

The last half year has definitely been a blur, so much has happened that I cannot put it in a single post. In short,ย traveledย to Arizona in US, for a little bit of work. The good thing about it was that I got to work in Web services. I have already written a bit about it, and now I can write more, ย backing what I write with a touch more of ‘real world experience’.

The tinkering with the latest UI frameworks and scouring the web for information on the trends of technology has been put on the back burner for now. I am not sure when I will start updating about that again.

I don’t how this year would be, but I am sure hoping that the following comes true.

“May we all live in interesting times !”


Back to Blogging !

I know I have been missing for more than 2 years ! Well I am going to start bloggin’ again. And I have much to write about.

What have I missed updating the past 2 years ? quite many I suppose. I can’t remember why I stopped blogging. Probably I was just too busy and thought this was not worth the time I spent.

The past two years, I have bought my own place, alienated quite a few of my friends, been lost, changed my job, read more books, watched lots of movies, drank a lot, and doing things that I usually do.

I was so much into java those days, but I have moved onto learning GWT, Node.js, Scala, Mongo DB, Bootstrap and now Play! Learning new stuff has been exciting and fruitious in many ways. I look forward to blog about all the things I have learnt and add something valuable for someone.

Facebook’s new ‘mail’ feature concerns whom?

Facebook’s latest development, social messages, has started a great debate over it being a gmail or email killer. I have read a great number of articles, and discussions with varied inputs & thoughts. Facebook’s revamped message feature, is really innovative and definitely a game-changer in the social web platform. But I don’t think it’s going to sound the death knell for email as such.

The reason why Facebook has revamped its message feature is that, no one uses email to communicate in a social context. It is very true, I hardly use emails to talk to friends, and I am sure neither do they. It is really formal and rightly as Zuckerberg describes it to be a ‘cognitive load’. Why do we use email then? That is something to think about.

The formal email, is the requirement of business. It’s the only way, people can talk about work and keep a track of it. I foresee, its only going to be used for that in future. There are products available for collaboration which integrates chat and much more. That hasn’t ‘done in’ email, because email is useful & powerful. Whatever facebook does, is never going to change our way we communicate to our formal colleagues at workย  or how we do business, becuase being formal is a big part of doing business.

But we have to agree that in a social context, and in the days of connecting instantly, email is useless. We all know this already & so we don’t use it for those things. So what has facebook done, is just restate what we know already and come up with a new feature that tells us ‘we users need it’ and tells us to tell others ‘they need it’.

Facebook is made up of and made for people, who are inclined to stay in touch socially and importantly in an informal way. And it’s going to coming up with messages that will make it easier for us to communicate, give us an identity to the outside world(outside facebook) so they can reach us (@facebook.com account), and it’s going to reinvent email, by stripping subject, cc, bcc and all other things we don’t care about. So are these going to stop us have an email account? Maybe, yes.

If all other web sites we care about, can be tied to our facebook account and sends us updates & messages, we definitely have no need for an email id. The new message feature is definitely going to kill the informal email. So most definitely facebook will try to get us hooked, by working with the ‘other sites’ we care about so that we don’t need any mail account to access them. Thus it’s very clear that domination of user’s social life is their objective. That is a big cause of concern to ‘us’ the users. If you asked why, answer is so much power to facebook. Too much power is never too good (With great power comes great responsibility, responsibility and profit don’t go hand in hand atleast in the case of facebook). They know much more about you. And your life on facebook is never as enjoyable as it would have been, in some ways.

Also, it would cause a lot of concern to google. Gmail, their amazing product, if overtaken by facebook would result in a loss of social users. That would affect their advertising business, as no more they would get data of user’s habits, desires, music & movies we like etc etc.. atleast thru gmail. The mails we subscribe to, feeds we are eager to read about will never come thru the gmail account anymore. So they would never be getting more information about us. I sense a drop in Google’s share value, if they don’t do anything about it. But it is very unlikely that they will be going down without a fight, if they are going down that is.

They have to see that the end is near but they still have time, to come up with something better to retain the users loyalty towards Gmail.Probably it would be quicker for them to have a relook at Wave. Towards which I am pretty pissed of about since I didn’t even get a chance to experience it, it being a failure doesn’t comfort me. They can come up with so many new things, which will sadly take time. Definitely upgrading Gmail to be more social will be their number one priority. I really want them to do that, because I know I don’t want to move to a new @facebook.com identity, atleast for now. It’s cumbersome in many ways. But we have got to give a big hand to Mark Zuckerberg for forcing others to think, and only to satisfy our needs better. Something is going to happen in the social web platform, and things are only going to get better if not great for now.

Where are the books?

Is there a dearth of good books on fiction lately? For the past year I have been reading Agatha Christie & P.G Wodehouse. Can’t find any new books that are good let alone a sensational one. The most probable answer is that I am cut of from the world that reads & recommends books that I like.Trust me I have tried to find those who form that world. I tried reading booker prize winners, and found it really hard to turn the page. I have tried bestsellers on business too, and have predictably read only the first two chapters. Fiction is what I like, and science-fiction, mysteries, fantasy & detective novels are my daily dose of the elixir of life(Philosopher’s Stone :-)).

Some of the authors I have read & liked, are not publishing very frequently. I tend to finish a book in 2 or 3 days. And even a bulky one I would finish in a week. To which author/authors do I turn to if I want to read a new book every 2 weeks??

Until I find those authors who keep publishing at the least twice an year, I am going to stick to Agatha Christie & P.G Wodehouse. I can’t imagine the day when I finish all the Christie’s & Wodehouse’s books and still no new books/authors to look forward to.

On twitter & google buzz – Social networking Part 2

It’s been a while since I posted. pretty busy on Twitter ๐Ÿ™‚

Google has come up with buzz with everything that is missing in twitter. I checked it out. Not bad, but little complicated. Pretty Useful, if you are using gmail. Anyways that service has a long way to go.

Twitter is so very simple & that’s why i am hooked on. I don’t mind limiting myself to 140 characters. Sometimes yes I cannot say everything what I wantin 140 characters , but only sometimes not always.

I enjoyed tweeting about Australian Open & the India-SA test series.. getting to know the latest scores.. enjoying banter..

Twitter is something like a beginner’s course in social networking. It’s simple, easy to update. The twitverse(universe) is also pretty vast. Atleast bigger than gmail community. I love gmail, I am posting at orkut too -somewhat rarely, but tweeting is fun.. I haven’t yet tried facebook light, and no inclination to try facebook either.. i am sure it’s good. I hear many a people talk about farmville ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll stick to Twitter for a while , now I am content with it& thanks to it Ihave a semblance of a social presence on the net..

Social networking !!


I Don’t remember when I made my last post. I am just soo.. free today and I thought atleast a month I should make a post. Today’s post is something deep, atleast for me. Everyone knows social networking, who hasn’t heard of Facebook, MySpace, Orkut or Twitter.

I was just reading about twitter, that was what led me to this post.

Anyways, a little background is needed here.

I am going to share my Social Net Past here.

I have been there and done that pretty much in social sites, but not good at keeping it up.The core reason obviously is I am not gung ho about socialising, I hate to talk about my blogs to my friends, oh I do have friends! It ‘s not that I don’t have any.

I am not very good at keeping touch with friends. real or unreal, I am just not happy when I am forced to post them, poke them or whatever is it. It’s either I see them or I don’t. Ok coming back to track ๐Ÿ™‚

I started using Orkut since everyone was using it, Duh!! what a revelation. First time not so good. It was when college was over (2006 ). People were saying their Hi’s trying to keep in touch. Then it got less, got new friends moved on. Was busy too sometimes, so didn’t care to post. Then I decided some fine day, I am gonna commit Orkuticide. I deleted my account ๐Ÿ™‚ This was before, Google acquired Orkut. There was a delete profile ๐Ÿ™‚ Now you don’t have it, by the way. I am feeling old now ๐Ÿ™‚ ! Technology does that, making you feel old :-). Then there were some queries about my mysterious disappearance. Some called, Wow they called ๐Ÿ™‚ but I still didn’t revisit Web 1.0 Social sites.

Then Web 2.0 started, got interested into MySpaces, not even a month, I started losing interest ๐Ÿ™‚ Then after an year or probably 2 years, I donno, now my memory is not so good. I am really getting old…

Just recently I restarted my Orkut account. Now its accessible using my gmail account ๐Ÿ™‚ Just like this blog. So basically google is ensuring that I can’t commit Suicide in Web 2.0. It’s egging me on to become social. Oh ! I remember those days when my mom and dad lecturing me on socialising. Saying a Hi! asking How are you?..

I still am sticking with my responses ๐Ÿ™‚

“they are in front of me.. They are looking good to me.. So why should I ask? even if I ask.. even if they had won a million buck lottery.. or lost a loved one.. or feeling like killing me.. Their response would be only this. I am doing good or better, I am fine.. ”

I think only think 1 thing after they respond.. I knew you would say that.. never heard anyone respond in a different way.. call me crazy but can you prove me wrong. Well anyways, let’s get to the point.

I am joining twitter, or atleast considering it. I donno, I just wanna try cos I donno what this is about. I am very curious.. I just want to document this moment, and revisit it some time later..

For Fun’s sake, making fun of my own is not very nice thing but probably this could end up in a nice way, I can’t define what nice is at present, so let’s see… How this cookie crumbles ๐Ÿ™‚